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Plant Jammer Hackathon: Hack the way people eat, with AI!

Register now for our hackathon on 11.-13. December 2020!
Plant Jammer’s mission is to empower 1 billion people around the world to eat healthier and more sustainable food while reducing food waste and meat consumption.
Therefore we are looking for all creative problem solvers out there with coding, web, or app development skills and invite you to “Hack the way people eat” with us!

New Product, No Problem!

Innovative new food products are created every day, but many fail to reach the right target audiences. What if you found a way to ensure that your novel food product is an instant hit, by showcasing its gastronomic potential within recipes?

Recipe developers - how to get more engagement with your recipes

As a recipe creator, you know how small adjustments or variations affect the final outcome. But this valuable information doesn’t get communicated through a single recipe entity or blog post. Plant Jammer's Studio gives you a framework for recipes that allows viewers to change ingredients and select variations to adapt the dish to their needs. 

Get Plant Jammer’s dynamic recipe API on your own website or app

Don’t like cilantro? Can’t tolerate gluten? Want a low-carb version of a recipe? Dynamic recipes is the answer. 

If you want to explore dynamic recipes on your site or app, try a pilot with the Plant Jammer API.

Plant Jammer receives €4 million in an international investment round to help inspire a billion people towards plant-based diets

Based in Copenhagen, Denmark, a team of 15 chefs and data scientists are using deep technology to provide an effortless solution to the daily dilemma of many people: they want to eat more healthily and more sustainably, but lack the time and inspiration in an increasingly busy daily life. Danish Vækstfonden and Germany-based global corporates Dr. Oetker and Miele Venture Capital have together invested approximately €4 million in the Danish foodtech start- up Plant Jammer to accelerate their development and international expansion.

Plant Jammer uses AI recipe technology to make grocery discounting smarter

Plant Jammer is more than an app. The Plant Jammer API also creates dynamic recipes experiences on other companies’ websites and apps. Particularly, we work with supermarket discount sites who want to create better attraction and retention.