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Plant Jammer uses AI recipe technology to make grocery discounting smarter

Michael Haase20. August 2020

Plant Jammer is more than our app for iOS and Android. The Plant Jammer API also creates dynamic recipe experiences on other companies’ websites and apps. In particular, we aim to work with supermarkets and their discount sites to create more attraction and better retention. This document describes why and how.

Why: Supermarket discount marketing is wasteful

Supermarket discounts don’t always create a more sustainable world. Examples of what’s on offer today in Copenhagen include 2 x 1.5L sodas, 2L of sugary yoghurt, 500g of steak… Many grocery discounts are designed to entice and amplify a specific kind of customer, and it’s not the healthy and eco-friendly kind.

… and then there’s the advertisement of these discounts - many discounts are distributed via flyers in our mailboxes. While the discount flyers are actively used by 5-10% of the population, they annoy the remaining 90%, and they result in a massive waste of paper. On top of that, they don’t allow the retailers to differentiate themselves or do targeted marketing. In the free competition for attention to flyers, only discounts that jump to the eye immediately win… that’s why so many discounts are large soda bottles and steaks.

But there is an alternative - retailers increasingly create digital discount experiences in their own apps or websites. This is promising, because it can enable individualized and sustainable discounts… but to succeed, the retailers need to offer something unique and appealing to their customers.


How: What if supermarket discounts were linked to dynamic recipes?

With Plant Jammer’s API, supermarkets can improve discounts experiences on their own apps and sites, by providing unique dynamic recipes with ingredients on discount. Visitors can adapt the dynamic recipes to their personal taste and nutrition.

Example for an Abu Dhabi supermarket chain (or click here for clickable prototype):

With the UAE-based Supermarket chain, Choithrams, Plant Jammer is making a campaign for local sustainable foods, as part of a World Food Day campaign in October.

 Key Benefits of the solution

For visitors, the personalized recipes make discount-hunting more fun, and it helps solve two pains for them: deciding what to cook AND saving money.

For retailers, this attracts a new segment of customers to their discounts - those with larger basket sizes and higher retention rates. Importantly, this happens within the retailer’s own app/website, so they keep ownership of the customers, their preferences, and their data.

With regards to sustainability, this creates a strong digital alternative to physical flyers. It creates an entire digital experience where retailers can create discounts for sustainable and healthy food ingredients, along with recipe ideas. This creates an opportunity not just to serve the world with cheap steaks and soda, but also with more wholesome products like oat milk, milk substitutes, cumin, pomegranate and tahini.

Proposed next Steps

Are you a retailer interested in this technology? We propose to start with a pilot for one of your weekly discount campaigns on your website and/or app. We aim to demonstrate significant improvements in retention rates and user satisfaction, to advance discussions of a larger program.

We’ve already assembled an easily integratable API, so this pilot could be installed on your page within a few weeks.

Interested in more? Feel free to reach-out to Plant Jammer’s CEO:

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