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Plant Jammer PRIME. What is it?

Michael Haase2. October 2018

Plant Jammer PRIME: What is it?

3rd October we launch Plant Jammer PRIME: “A chef in your pocket”. You can order it here: Get PRIME

What is in Plant Jammer PRIME, that is not already in the free Plant Jammer app? Just 2 small things:

I) Nutrition: What should you eat?

In the Plant Jammer app you can already register if you’re vegan, gluten-free, lactose-intolerant, FODMAP sensitive, nut-allergic, and a few other diets.

However, with Plant Jammer PRIME we increase nutrition personalization. Do you want to ear more fibers, antioxidants, or proteins? From November you’ll be able to choose a ’Nutritional Pathway’ and then Plant Jammer will track and nudge you to reach your nutritional goal.

But we take it a step further. Do you actually know what you should be eating to increase your energy levels, reduce stomach aches or get cleaner skin? Most of us don’t know, and it is highly individual so you cannot read your way to the answer. Therefore, in December we launch an ’intelligent food diary’ with Plant Jammer PRIME. Type-in what you eat and how you feel. We will do statistics and identify what is good fo you. Thereafter we’ll track and nudge you to reach your nutritional goals.

II) Convenience: Creative foodplanning in a busy life

In a busy life, it is hard to plan your cooking, why we often resort to take-away and processed foods.

That is a problem we want to solve in Plant Jammer. It should be the easy choice to eat real food with mostly plants. Therefore, Plant Jammer PRIME also includes a digital cooking assistant.

In the free Plant Jammer app you can already discover new recipes based on what’s in your fridge. However, with Plant Jammer PRIME we incorporate a memory component. With Plant Jammer PRIME, we incorporating your inventory of spices, oils, vinegars etc in the daily dinner inspirations.

But we take it one step further: With PRIME you can now build next week’s mealplan from what’s in your pantry, and then automatically generate a shopping list of missing things. Integration of the shopping list with delivery is coming 🙂

Never, has it been more easy to eat real food, mostly plants

This is a crowdfunding campaign

We are building the product of our dreams. Never before has anyone built a cookbook that actually gets to know you, and used gastronomy and artificial intelligence to make it super easy to eat real food, mostly plants.

It will be a wonderful product. However, it will not be cheap nor easy to build, so we need your support.

We already have a Betaversion for you, but so much more is coming in October and November. We ask for your support to build the wonderful product. For 50 DKK you can get the Betaversion in October and PRIME all the way until January. If you recommend Plant Jammer PRIME to a friend you get 3 more months for free without extra charge. Get Plant Jammer PRIME here.

It’s a great deal… and then you also support an ambitious but struggling Danish startup!

Thank you!