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Healthy food: Real food, mostly plants

Michael Haase1. October 2018
“I, Michael Haase, hereby pledge to eat real food, mostly plants, throughout October”
What is the healthiest diet? I spent the last months studying nutrition, and learnt that the most correct nutrition rule is also the simplest:
“Eat real food, mostly plants”.
Therefore, I have decided to do just that throughout October: Eat unprocessed wholefoods that I cook myself, that are largely based on plants.
Real food = whole foods = unprocessed foods
Humans make healthier food than companies, because they include less preservatives and taste enhancers (sugar, sodium, salt,…). Therefore, as Michael Pollan once said, “The ONE most determinant health factor in your nutrition is whether the food you eat was made by a human being”.
I pledge to only eat ‘real food’ in October.
Plant-based = largely vegan
We eat 5X more meat and animal-based products than we did 20 years ago. It’s neither good for our cardiovascular system, our gut health, or our brains. Eat more fruits and vegetables, and we get more energy, faster brains, less stomach issues, and less cancer. Eat more veggies and let the vitamins, antioxidants, and fibers do their magic.
Nevertheless, it has been proven that strictly dogmatic diets are not good for mental health, so I’ll keep it ‘vegan-ish’ 🙂
I pledge to eat a “vegan-ish” diet in October.
I will use this blog and social media to report on my journey throughout October. I will tell about my food planning, my tasting, and my feelings. I expect to be saving money, feeling energized and smarter, and taste some amazing meals.
Obviously, I will be using the free Plant Jammer app, to help me along the way:
Warning: It will be easy, it will be cheap, AND it will be really f*** tasty!
Yours sincerely,
Michael, CEO and Founder of Plant Jammer