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Why launch an unfinished product?

Michael Haase27. November 2016

So, last Wednesday was huge for us… We launched our prototype product on, and have now gone live!

Your feedback was extremely supportive, particularly from our mothers. Thank you!


Some feedback was both specific and sceptical, particularly from people who had tried it with their smartphones (about 15% of users did). Before launch we already had a list of ‘things to do urgently’ – and 90% of the feedback we received was already on that list. So, why did we launch when we knew we were not quite ready?


Because we will never feel ‘ready’. There will always be ‘Fundamental fixes’ to be made, and one can always find an excuse to wait one more day, week, or month with launching. Most importantly, we badly need your guidance on what is MOST IMPORTANT to fix.

So, we decided to launch crap, get some slaps in the face, learn, and then quickly improve your user experience. Now, we are face-to-face with our potential loyal users of the future, which is scary as hell – but also absolutely necessary. This is the core of what is called ‘the lean start-up methodology’.

What’s next? We’re keeping a list of changes, and incorporating them as fast as possible. I promise you that the user experience will get better every week, and eventually we will be truly proud of

What do I need from you? Please help us by continuously visiting the site and giving us feedback via the form, a mail, FB messenger, the phone, … In the best of all worlds you will have as much ownership of as we do – and help improve it to fulfil your biggest desires for a virtual cooking assistant.

What is my biggest concern? Getting awesome front-end developers into the team. After launch we need to be fast and smart at translating feedback into product. So, please let us know if you know the right person. Job description: WeHackCauliflower.pdf!