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New Product, No Problem!

Damian 9. October 2020

Innovative new food products are created every day, but many fail to reach the right target audiences. What if you found a way to ensure that your novel food product is an instant hit, by showcasing its gastronomic potential within recipes?

The product development process can take years to ideate, iterate and finally manufacture a new food product, only to have it fail once it launches on the market - years of hard work and investment gone down the drain quicker than you can say “mashed potatoes..."

Given that people have very ingrained habits around food, new food products need a strategy to be integrated into people's daily cooking, regardless of whatever nutrition or taste the product offers. Novel food products require potential customers to grasp its applications in a way that fits within their culinary repertoire. Providing such inspiration on the packaging requires customers to physically interact with the product, which can be a difficult endpoint to achieve. Setting up product demonstrations and providing samples for potential customers is very time consuming and expensive.

We have a solution to these needs - and even to the needs you haven’t even thought of yet! Plant Jammer’s team of food scientists and chefs can promote the true potential of your product by creating dynamic and adaptable recipes for the Plant Jammer community and beyond. Given some simple background information such as preparation methods, flavor profile, and ingredient functionality, we can integrate your product into thousands of unique recipes and also enable your product to be substituted into our existing recipes. These dynamic recipes can then be displayed on your website or any other recipe providers' website through our API.

Not only will your new food product be integrated into our existing recipes, but we will also create unique featured recipes to promote the potential applications of your product. Plant Jammer can also help with:

  • Introducing customers to the new product. Your existing customers, as well as 50,000+ active users in our audience, will be directly introduced to how your product can be used. In addition, our concurrent social media campaigns will help promote the product to an even wider audience. Key initial feedback and follow-up data will help you successfully refine your product and marketing needs to expand the consumer base.
  • Proving product viability. Receive instant feedback from the consumers through our in app chat, giving you immediate information about how the users are interacting with your product, and even discover new ways in which customers use your product.
  • Implementing post-launch refinement. Use customer feedback and interactive communication to help determine which areas need to be targeted for future refinements in your product.

Are you interested in learning more? Feel free to reach-out to Plant Jammer’s CEO: