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Recipe developers - how to get more engagement with your recipes

Ophelia Pedersen2. October 2020

There are a lot of talented and knowledgeable recipe developers out there- so how do we choose from all of these ‘best’ lasagna recipes? Truth is, the best recipe for anything doesn’t exist, because individual tastes and dietary preferences are increasingly more varied. As a recipe creator, you know how small adjustments or variations in the cooking process will affect the final outcome. You have all the insights that go into developing, tweaking, and balancing the flavors and textures of your creations. But these exploratory parts of developing your recipes result in valuable information that doesn’t get communicated very effectively through a single recipe entity or blog post.

Plant Jammer Studio gives recipe creators a tool to incorporate all their insights into each recipe, to enhance their content to accommodate more people, and to empower their audience to engage. It offers gastronomical suggestions and gives a dynamic structure to recipes based on data and food science, to build an entire recipe experience rather than just a single recipe. Whether you are an experienced recipe developer or an experimental cook in your own kitchen, Plant Jammer’s Studio can help you put together the right ingredient combinations that capture all the dimensions of the creative process of cooking.

The creator is still in full control - to maintain what makes the dish a distinct creation, but also to dictate where there is room for flexibility or how to give the dish a deliciously different spin. By specifying ingredients, substitutes, and additions, and by building flexible recipe instructions within a simple framework, all the variations are integrated smoothly into the recipe. Viewers can then change ingredients and select variations to adapt the dish to their needs. See a demo below of how it works for a Plant Jammer recipe. These features can be smoothly integrated into any website through our API.

Plant Jammer Studio enables the creation of gastronomy, beyond just recipes. With this tool, recipes become more than static text— they become something that many different people can connect with. As food trends change, recipes can keep up. Plant Jammer Studio allows for the crafting of culinary experiences in a way that promotes sharing in a bigger way.

Try creating your own recipe with Plant Jammer Studio. You will then be able to see it on the Plant Jammer website in dynamic form. Find it here:

...and which lasagna recipe is actually the best? All of them can be the best for someone out there, depending on their diet, nutritional needs, taste buds, kitchen equipment, the season, and so on. So let’s give more recipes the power to showcase the many ways that they can be exactly what different people need.