Come Together Swiss Chard Salad With Apple
As simple as washing, slicing, and mixing!
People: 1
15 min


2 tbsp
Apple Cider Vinegar
2 tbsp
Corn Oil
2 tbsp
Corn Syrup
140 gr.
Enoki Mushrooms
2 tbsp
Hoisin Sauce
140 gr.
Swiss Chard

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  1. Wash and cut your apple, enoki mushrooms and swiss chard so that they all have a similar size and shape.

Heating Steps

  1. Heat corn oil in a pan, add Swiss Chard and fry for 5 minutes.

Building A Salad

  1. Mix enoki mushrooms and swiss chard together in a bowl.
  2. Mix apple cider vinegar, corn oil, corn syrup and hoisin sauce together in a bowl with salt and pepper, then drizzle on top of your dish.
  3. Add Apple on top.