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Meet the team

We are a team of 21 passionate people who want to accelerate the world's transition to sustainable food - so that we can have a better future. We believe in two forces behind that transition: Plant-based eating and a Zero Foodwaste economy.

Nastia Karpova

Product Managernastia@plantjammer.comLinkedIn

Jura Brazdil

Backend Developerjura@plantjammer.comLinkedIn

Anders Ravn

Frontend Developeranders@plantjammer.comLinkedIn

Martin Durhuus

Backend Developermartin@plantjammer.comLinkedIn

Gustav Duckert

Product Managergustav@plantjammer.comLinkedIn

Luca Dombetzki

Product Managerluca@plantjammer.comLinkedIn


Chief Barketing Officer

Adrian Maksymiuk

Growth Manageradrian@plantjammer.comLinkedIn

Rasmus Pedersen

Frontend Developerrhp@plantjammer.comLinkedIn

Alejandro García Granado

Frontend Developeralejandro@plantjammer.comLinkedIn

Filip Dušek

Backend Developerfilip@plantjammer.comLinkedIn

Nicola Dottorini


Michael Haase

CEO and Foundermichael@plantjammer.comLinkedIn

Agata Kosek

Frontend Developeragata@plantjammer.comLinkedIn

Julek Baranski

Backend Developerjulek@plantjammer.comLinkedIn

Ophelia Pedersen

Product Managerophelia@plantjammer.comLinkedIn

Anja Müller

Regional Growth in Germanyanja@plantjammer.comLinkedIn

Kasper Krægpøth

Frontend Developerkasper@plantjammer.comLinkedIn

Houdini & Bella

Heads of Re-tail


Customer Suppawt

Patric Linssen


Line Sandborgh

Product Designerline@plantjammer.comLinkedIn

Damian Saramet

Food Scientistdamian@plantjammer.comLinkedIn